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Northwest Florida, United States

Do You want to Save Your Marriage?
I offer Counseling Online & by Phone.

How it Works with The Midnight Mentor

Confidential, Secure On-Line Meetings or Phone Sessions

Once you schedule your appointment(s) there are three methods you can choose for counseling.  

1). Simply talk on the phone (3-way available).

2). Conference call using Skype.

3). Conference meeting using Webex platform.

Each method is simple, easy and effective.

I will contact you and discuss the methods so you can decide whats right for you.

You Will Receive an Introduction Email from Me

When you first become a client, you will receive an Introductory email giving you information on the various ways my meetings with you can be performed and what to do on your end if you want to use Skype or the Webex platform. They both are very easy and efficient for you.

If you don't know what Skype or Webex is, don't worry, its simple and easy and will be explained in the email.  And I can walk you thru it.

Getting Started Today

In our first session, I will meet online with you and your spouse or partner.  If your spouse or partner does not want to participate right now, then I will meet with you individually.


I will ask you to explain in your own words what you believe the issues are. Then, I will ask you some very direct questions to begin uncovering the layers. I will then give you both a homework assignment to complete before our next session. No worries, you'll find it fun.  

The following Sessions

We will begin digging to peel back the layers of surface issues until we arrive at the root causes. 

Those surface layers are important also and we will deal with those as well, but only after we get to where everyone agrees on the root issue(s). 

Now you're ready to begin the healing and rebuilding.  

You will begin receiving email files from me with custom designed, fun and exciting exercises designed to stoke the flame of love, passion, friendship, joy, caring and that great bond that you want to have together.

In our live sessions together, we will chart the course and you will each be individually accessed on your progress.  Don't worry, it will be fun.

Emotions and Truthfullness

There may be times when it can be very emotional for you because you are going to be truthful about the reality as YOU see it.  

There may be some things you are embarrassed about but in a real relationship you must have complete honesty, loyalty and commitment.  The Father of these.... is Forgiveness.  

We all make mistakes and they come in an vast variety.  As your Midnight Mentor I can assure you... I've heard and seen almost all of them.  

Do not delay your decision because time alone time does not heal all wounds my friend. You MUST take action with deeds and purpose.

Frequently Asked question

How long in advance do I need to schedule with you?

I only require 24 hour notice.

How many sessions a week do you recommend?

Generally 1-2 per week for the first two weeks then we spread it out as you progress.  Its totally flexible based your needs.  The goal is to help you get your train back on the track and let it run.

What is your fee and do you take insurance?

My fee is a nominal $165 per session. I do not take insurance.  After all, you may not want your insurance company having record of your counseling.  Plus I want you to have skin in the game, so to speak.  I only take clients who are serious about their personal relationships.

Can I fix everything?

No. But I'll give it one heck of a try.  Just like you. You can count on that !