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Northwest Florida, United States

Do You want to Save Your Marriage?
I offer Counseling Online & by Phone.

What's It All about

The Midnight Mentor is Available 9:00 am to 2:00 am EST.

Unconventional Mentoring Focused on RESULTS.

I am a Master Negotiator who uses Real World Experience to Help You Solve the Issues that are Important to You.

My Goal is to help SAVE MARRIAGES  &  RELATIONSHIPS.    Also Help You Conquer Drug or Alcohol Addiction IF THAT APPLIES TO YOU.

True Love is a Gift - Take it to the Next Level

Your Marriage having Problems due to Perceived inability to Communicate ?
Are there Issues over Raising the Children or Financial Matters?
Is the lack of Affection, Friendship or Sexual Intimacy causing issues?
Are You and your Spouse / Partner Arguing all the time?
The Good News is these Can Be Solved - Even if Only One of You Works on It. 

Does Your Loved One have Drug or Alcohol Addiction?  Marriage and addiction counseling. Couples therapy. Marriage counseling.  Drug Addiction. Alcohol Addiction.

You Can Do It - I Know You Can

As long as there is still one glowing Ember from the Bonfire of your Love and Friendship, chances are it can be Rekindled into the Blaze of your Bond.

Do you want help Peeling back the Layers to get to the real Root of the issues?

Have You Tried Before and Failed?

I have Real World Experience and Not some PHD from a Classroom.

Why the midnight Mentor ? (that would be me) :-)

Personal Relationships are all that Matters and the end of the Day

You Know Something Must Be done. 

 That's why You are here. 

You are Committed to Your Relationships. 

The Kinks just Need to be Worked Out. 

Perhaps your're experiencing Anxiety, Depression, Loneliness, Feeling Under Appreciated, a General Lack of Confidence, Fear or even Anger. Maybe you're Hurt & want to Heal.

Can You Conquer these things?  Can it happen?  How long should it take?

Yes it Can..... and not long.

How do I know what I'm Talking About

  • 30 Years of Marriage.  All Sorts of Ups and Downs.
  • 37 Years of Self Employment.  I've Won & Lost.
  • 4 Adult Children. I know how hard it can be.
  • 22 Years of Counseling & Mentoring People from all walks of Life.  From CEO's to Homemakers and Everyone in between. The homemaker is the most admirable job in the world.
  • I come from the School of Hard Knocks.
  • Iv'e been in Mortgage Finance, Construction, Hedge Fund Trader with Stocks & Options and Negotiator for Mergers & Acquisitions.

Now I'm Your Midnight Mentor.

Like I said, it's Unconventional.  I've seen it All.

Why online Mentoring may be Right for You

 Online Mentoring gives you much greater flexibility to work with your schedule.  

  • No driving across town frustrating with traffic. 
  • Have your sessions from the comfort of your Home or Office. 
  • Extended hours to talk and work on your Relationships when its Right for You.  
  • Receive Real-Time supporting information on your computer or tablet or phone.


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The Midnight Mentor

Northwest Florida, United States

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